“I’d love to major in Blissology!” declared a deeply-touched “Playshop For Blissologists” participant.

This inspired the founding of Blissology University, the first research institute to deeply and comprehensively explore the causes of blissful, joyous and peaceful states of being, as well as to offer pragmatic ecstatic practices called the Blissiplines that to lead to living in bliss (as well as peace, appreciation, health and joyous harmony) most of the time.The University’s Professors of Bliss comprise a consortium of radiant researchers who frequently live in the bliss field, leading luminaries who live lifestyles that enhance sustainable sub-cellular celebration.

The first Budding Blissologists Certificate Course was was offered on Maui, Hawaii in January 2013. The word soon spread resulting in nearly 100 Blissology seminars thus far at festivals, expos, concert halls, churches, synagogues, colleges, high schools, universities, retreat centers, spas, yoga studios, humble homes and private estates.

These dynamic courses are based on 20 years of intercultural communication field research by international Adventure Anthropologist, Happy Oasis, that she compiled into the interactive course book Bliss Conscious Communication © 2003 – 2017, featuring “The Blissiplines” which catalyzed a new field of study, namely “Blissology” in 2003.

Once per month, the Bliss U News is blissed forth to tens of thousands of enthusiastic readers for “inspiration, education and celebration”.

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The poetry book of wild adventures expressing the many hidden joys of living beyond civilization, Uncivilized Ecstasies, is a companion course book for advanced programs at Bliss U.

It is no secret that mystics, conscious evolutionaries, cultural creatives and earth angels – possibly including you – frequently experience daily outbursts of joy and bliss.

But why don’t the rest of us live in bliss as often? More importantly, how can most anyone raise their own bliss bar? As the Dalai Lama says, “Suffering is an option.”

We invite you to join us as we explore together this exciting new field of ecstatic possibilities.