Here’s What Participants are Saying About
Blissology University’s Certificate Playshops For Blissologists:

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“Happy Oasis is a vortex of delight whose years of meditation immersion has naturally lead her toward expanded awareness and radiating bliss. A decade ago the first edition of this Bliss Conscious Communication invited the reader into Blissology. This second edition continues to deeply explore blissful living and how to share it with others. I highly recommend delving into it and the many Blissiplines within.” ~ Sarah McLean, author of Soul Centered

Happy’s infectious love of life is an inspiration. Our world would be a more harmonious place if we all adopted Happy’s Bliss Conscious Communication tools. I enjoy teaching & co-facilitating with her. I highly recommend that you read her book, and, more importantly, practice her suggestions!”
~ Scott Catamas, Emmy award-winning writer, teacher and producer

“Over the years I have had the opportunity to witness many presentations on positive living, the law of mind action and the importance of developing a compassionate heart to bless the human condition. However, seldom have I experienced a presenter who consciously embodies these positive principles in her moment to moment relationships with others. Happy has an ability to assist others in genuine exploration of the sacred art of authentic heartfelt communication.  Her presentation, and example, leads participants into those lovely enhanced realms of intimate communication that we all seek with one another. I enthusiastically recommend her as a presenter to groups seeking a unique interactive experience in heartfelt, Bliss Conscious Communication.”  ~ Gary Layman,  Reverend of The Circle of Radiant Heart, Medford, OR Author of I AM Light

“Dear Happy, Thank you for the amazing workshop.  I didn’t get a chance to warn you that I might not smile very much because it actually sometimes hurts my face to smile because of having been hit in the temple (chewing, laughing and smiling are all affected), but it turned out I felt so energized by your brilliance that I could really smile most of the time. It very much cheered me up and I have been in a mire of depression since my head injury (the past two years) and even before. You are the most inspiring person I have ever met. I deeply respect your happiness and I accept the medicine that I learned tonight from you. (I call it medicine because it actually made me somewhat queasy to be so focused on happiness, as it was changing my brain chemistry, but it was ultimately the best thing for me.) You remind me of my hero Peace Pilgrim. Thank you for teaching us that we have no choice but to rejoice.” ~ Vanessa Nowisky, Ashland, OR

“Your Blissology Class  is a life changer. Everyone is effected because of the change of one and it lovingly ripples into the lives of all we touch. I tell everyone about your class and what I learned. It’s so fun to see the look on faces and the glow when they feel and hear the love. I even saw tears well up in a man’s eyes with whom I was sharing about the different ways of greeting.  I share the song “You are a  Miracle” with everyone I can. So fun. People seem to BLOOM when words are spoken with Bliss and Love. Thank you, Happy, for your willingness to share with the world. May you Be Blessed Protected, Provided for and Loved immensely as I know you are. Love To All Miracles.” ~ Kandi Pirelli

“Happy, Thank you for being YOU. I love what you are doing with sharing your love and bliss!”
~ David Warr, Chocolatree, Sedona, AZ

“Yes, indeed. “Bliss Forth!” I love that Happy Oasis expression.”  ~ Debra Haviland

Here’s what Santa Rosa (CA) Community College Students journaled
about their Playshop for Blissologists:

“I am so glad Happy came to class.  I was so stressed and annoyed with work that I was cranky all week.  She turned my frown upside down.  She made me realize how absolutely ridiculous it is to be cranky at something so unimportant while people are suffering all over the world.  She opened my eyes and now hopefully I can spread bliss and happiness to everyone I meet”. ~ College Student

“I am honored to have Happy in class.  She inspired me.  Maybe I can change the world like she is doing.” ~ College Student

“I have a lot of respect for Happy.  Where ever she goes it is a happier place.” ~ College Student

“I admire Happy’s bravery.  My favorite part was responding with, ‘WOW! That’s an amazing question.  I am splendid, HOW ARE YOU?” ~ College Student

“In response to “How are you?” I said, “Privileged to be in the presence of an angel like you.”  The other person’s day was truly better and lightened up.” ~ College Student

“She was zany at first. The story of Happy’s name made me appreciate her.” ~ College Student

“Our speaker, Happy Oasis, provided me with my missing piece in life’s fulfillment of eternal happiness”. ~ College Student

“Happy had us practice exuding joy that almost seemed fake, but surprisingly, with enough tries, I could feel the bliss taking root”. ~ College Student

“After class I asked my boyfriend if he had the most wondrous day of filling his brain with the gift of knowledge.  His face started with a confused look that turned to a smile”. ~ College Student

“Thank you so much – we all loved it!” ~ Monnet Zubieta, Intercultural Communications Professor